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What Is Software as a Medical Device?

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Within the medical device industry, there are always new trends and significantly impressive advancements in technology. Modern medical devices range from equipment used in hospitals and offices, to software that will allow a smartphone to view images from MRI devices. Software as a medical device is one of the most innovative segments of the medical device industry, but many don’t fully understand the scope of them.

Software as medical devices (SaMD), are defined by International Medical Device Regulators Forum (IMDRF) as, “software intended to be used for one or more medical purposes that perform these purposes without being part of a hardware medical device.” Essentially, the software itself is the medical device.

What Can SaMD’s Do?

SaMD’s have many purposes. For instance, they can be used to diagnose diseases, prevent chronic illness, treat an injury, or modernize existing hardware. They are no different than a physical medical device, as they share the exact same traits and goals.

What Are The Benefits of SaMD?

There are many advanced benefits of SaMd. They help accelerate the rate of discovery and managing treatments. Because they are able to receive vast amounts of data, they allow for effective feedback, which in return, boosts innovation.

Companies that develop or use SaMD utilize the data to produce faster and more effective devices, which can help with getting future devices on the market. Because collecting data is much more efficient and accurate with SaMD, this can result in better health outcomes.

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