Automobile manufacturer Ford Motor Company has announced it is currently speeding up initiatives to help protect people from the novel coronavirus COVID-19. It is working on a new translucent respirator to benefit those with hearing impairments. It is expected to be N95 certification.

This low-cost, transparent respirator will be reusable and will allow people to see the range of facial expressions. This benefits hearing-impaired individuals who rely on reading lips, which have been currently blocked by standard PPE used today.

Testing its effectiveness is currently underway, but Ford expects the respirators to be available sometime in the Spring.

In its release, Ford VP Jim Baumbick said, “This clear respirator promises to improve interactions between neighbors, at the store, and for those who have hearing impairments.”

Ford President Kumar Galhotra stated, “The data shows that we can save a lot of lives in the coming months by coming together as Americans and protecting each other. Our mission is to inspire people to stay safe. There is no bigger platform to do so than Super Bowl LV…together with Ford Motor Company Fund, we’re also giving out more than 25 million medical-grade masks in some of the hardest-hit areas to make it easier for people to help protect each other.”

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